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The following is a short video to help relax your mind and body.

Play on full screen with the volume on.

See if you can focus on all the tones at the same time.



More options via YouTube


Dr. Hallowell is one of my favorite experts in the area of ADHD. He has been in it for over 40 years and is the most upbeat person you will meet. He has a great attitude about ADHD and sees it as a gift. His theory is “you have a Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes. You just need to strengthen your brakes! Your brain is fantastic.”  Dr. Hallowell has written many books and the latest is “ADHD 2.0” (amazon link) which talks about ADHD in general, new brain science and the difference between females and males and how ADHD presents.


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Here are a few podcasts that help you understand ADHD in general and how life is impacted by ADHD. They are straight forward upbeat hosts that I find entertaining and educational.

How to ADHDwebsite & Youtube channel – Jessica McCabe

ADHD rewiredYoutube and website – Eric Tivers 

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2 Freebies! 5 things to know about ADHD and what to do about them. Learn how different aspects of ADHD impact behavior and what you can do to make changes. And How to talk to your child about AHD conversation ideas and starters.