Build the bridge to your destination

Because our society has convinced us that we are lesser than or weak if we ask for help for emotional issues we rarely reach out. But if you have a physical goal you are celebrated for seeking guidance and support.

If you have a physical goal like lifting weights or running a marathon you get a trainer. This is in no way a sign of weakness. This is a sign you are serious about your goals. There is a double standard however, asking for support for emotional growth is frowned upon. Things are getting a bit better, with professional athletes sharing their stories, but we have a long way to go. We all need support to accomplish hard goals physical or emotional. Building emotional strength is just as important as building physical strength. You can’t show off your six pack when you accomplish your emotional goals but you will be comfortable enough with yourself and know that your tummy is perfect just the way it is when the hard work is put in. Asking for help represents strength and a belief in yourself regardless of the area you want to improve.

A bridge that spans a great distance is not constructed of a single piece or all at once. It has many pieces being put together to cross the expanse. As the construction takes place each new piece is supported, temporarily, until it is strongly anchored to an existing piece. Throughout the process each piece is being supported. So embrace this idea. You are building a bridge from where and who you are now to a place or person you want to be.

Put up the “Under Construction” sign, build your bridge one supported piece at a time. Get the support you need until you are right where you want to be. 






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