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Welcome to Blue Lake Coaching!

In addition to our wonderfully clarifying sessions, your recaps are amazing and so helpful for me to make head or tail of things that I didn’t necessarily see as particularly meaningful that come up. You skillfully tease out anchor points, action plans, and supportive follow-up from our conversations. You are so helpful as a guide! Thanks for helping to unravel things with your wonderful perspectives and insights.

Michelle A

I am so grateful for Peggy, the way she holds a safe space, exploring what wants to be heard, unraveling my limiting beliefs with sensitivity Peggy has helped me navigate massive life break thoughts, taking great steps forward. 

Peggy is kind, caring, a master at seeing the full picture and coaches with a lightness and amazing humor- I always come away from our sessions feeling heard, connected, and thankful for our time. Thank you Peggy!

Katie T.

Peggy is a crafty coach. I have lost count of the times I was thinking about a problem’s solution lay in one direction and her insight opened me to a better possibility. All of my sessions with her have ended in joy and satisfaction. Anytime I need an integrity tune-up Peggy is there with mischievous humor and a supportive open heart.

Jordan A.

Coaching isn’t just about cheerleading to motivate folks; it is about asking key questions to uncover and assess barriers that keep folks from moving forward. Peggy knows how to do this very well, while supporting her clients to find their answers and navigate the best path toward achieving their life goals. I highly recommend having a chat with Peggy to learn more about what might be keeping you from living your best life! You won’t be disappointed.

Carrie L.

  • Wishing you had someone to share the load with? 
  • Wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off of?
  • Feeling like you are juggling WAY too much and have no time to evaluate what you should keep in the air and what you can let drop? 
  • Do you daydream about having an assistant who takes care of everything and you just shuttle from one preplanned activity to the next only being responsible for getting yourself there? (you are now, aren’t you?)
  • Has a major life change knocked you off track?
  • Do you feel like you just can’t get ahead as a parent? Just one more big push then you can relax, regroup, reorganize but then something else comes up!
  • Does it feel like everybody else has life/work/family figured out so why can’t you?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the above?

Keep It Light

When you can find humor in a situation, person, or experience, you are in control of how it impacts you.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need to modify everything to have a positive influence on your life. All journeys start with a single step. 

I support business people, parents and kids who are different thinkers. You can call it whatever you like, Executive Function challenges, ADHD, quirky,  but if you think differently then you need more creative and customized support. 

Most “How to” books regarding life, love, business, parenting, or family were written by and for neurotypicals. They were written for the majority. You are not in that majority, you are in the select group that approaches life differently than the masses. So let’s get you a different type of support that suits how you think and live your life.

As a life coach there are two questions I love and they come as a pair:

‘What is the worst that can happen?’ and ‘Will it kill you?’

If there is no chance of death then let’s explore!

When you are in doubt and paralyzed from taking action or confused as to what you should do next, it is usually Fear whispering (or screaming) in your head. Fear has convinced you that you may not survive if you make a change. ‘Just leave things the way they are. We know how to handle this! Don’t even think about making a move!’  Fear croons in your head. In fact, Fear has actually convinced you not to think, at all.  I like to challenge Fear, bring it into the light, and politely ask it to sit down & shut up! 

All the changes you have navigated and challenges you have overcome during your life have shaped who you are. You cleverly created adaptive tools to succeed. You may not need all the adaptive tools you picked up along the way. As we move through life circumstances change but we don’t always discard old obsolete tools. Let’s work together to clean out your toolbox. We will keep what is working and add new tools to fill in where you need it.

Do you need a Life Coach?

Are you at a time in your life when you want to make a move, change habits, or create something new and you aren’t sure where to start? Or has life thrown you a curve ball and you feel ill-equipped to deal with the new circumstance? If you answered yes to either question a life coach can definitely help.

Why I’m a coach

I love helping people grow, learning new perspectives, having a flexible schedule, and sometimes wearing pajama bottoms to work.


I have been learning about ADHD since before I knew what it was. My husband was a later-in-life diagnosis and both my kids have ADHD. We have three different flavors in our house so things stay interesting. Since the official diagnosis, I have worked tirelessly to fully understand ADHD and all that comes with it. I am ADHD-CCSP certified, which means I took a lot of classes to learn even more about ADHD and they gave me a certificate!

I will not offer a fix for ADHD because nothing is broken. ADHD is a different brain chemistry and wiring. It is like being left-handed. Yes, you can learn to write with your right hand but your natural talent is with your left hand. As a person with ADHD you have been living in a ‘right-handed’ world; it is no wonder there have been challenges. Let’s work together and allow your left-handed creativity to shine and release you from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed-tos’ that have limited your creativity and natural talents.


I am a graduate of Wayfinder Life Coach training by Martha Beck Inc.