1. Who do you work with?

I work with people who need support to live their best life. I have worked with athletes, parents, ADHDers, and business owners. I love getting to know what really gets someone fired up and coming up with solutions for them to achieve their goals. Your best life if waiting for you, let’s get you there.

2. Can you “cure” me of ADHD?

There is nothing to cure other than society’s view of how you think. You are the way you are because the world needs what you have to offer. 
Think about any inventor and ask yourself if they fit the neurotypical mold. No, they do not, that is how they became great inventors. Many of them were considered a bit odd, different, eccentric, etc. All kind words for “they don’t really fit in” but boy I love my electricity, or personal computer, or that great symphony, or, or, or, the list goes on and on of the world-changing things ADHD brains have given the world.

3. Will I finally be “normal”?

I certainly hope not! Normal is another word for unimaginative or average. Let’s stay in the world of great imagination and problem-solving skills and see how we can make your skills the envied ones.

4. Is Coaching the same as counseling?

Nope! I am a life coach trained to guide you through transitions or major life events. I am not trained to help you work through trauma. Trauma needs a trained professional in the area of psychology. Of course there is overlap between the two practices. It is a lot like a personal trainer versus a doctor. A personal trainer will get you in shape. But if you are not feeling well you would see a doctor.  We can assess the situation and see if you need a trainer or a doctor.

5. Is this woo-woo, new age, kumbaya, type stuff?

Yes and no. We will not be holding hands, sitting on the forest floor and looking to the skies for a sign or reading tea leaves. We will, however,  check in with your body (woo woo for some) and we will look at and talk about ideas, and feelings. 

6. Is this going to hurt?

Yes, probably, at least a  little bit. But the good kind of hurt like sore muscles. The kind of hurt that comes from doing something great for yourself and your health. This will be a workout, but you are fully equipped to handle it to get to your best life, I promise.

7. How long will this take?

Your situation is unique to you.  You may just need a bit of guidance and we meet a couple of times or you may have a bigger transition to navigate and we meet several times. My aim is to work myself out of a job. I want you to live your best life.

8. Do you take insurance?

I do not process insurance.  I can provide you with invoices if your insurance allows for reimbursement.

How coaching works

There are three very broad steps we will take to help you get to your best life. Each step has many components but generally speaking our process will flow from one to the other.

areas we explore

We take a look at thoughts, insights, what your body can tell you, permissions, truth and tools to create a personalized plan for you to move toward your goals.

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Is coaching for me?

I can help you navigate change in your life and create the life you were meant to live. Whether it is change that you are seeking to create or changes that have been put in your path we work together to create a way forward.

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Benefits of coaching

What would you get out of hiring a coach?  Coaching allows you to take thoughtful action and can be the nudge you need to move toward your goals.


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