How the process works



There are three very broad steps we will take to help you get to your best life. Each step has many components but generally speaking our process will flow from one to the other.



What is working well for you and why? What isn’t working so well and why? Are others influencing your decisions more than you would like? Do you feel like you should be doing something different with your life or relationships? We will evaluate what you have that you need, where the gaps are and what you can discard.


We will explore all dreams from night time dreams, day dreams, long forgotten dreams, fantastical and simple dreams. Let your imagination run wild. We will try on ideas and see how they fit. If it fits, keep it, if not keep exploring. This stage is all about dreaming big.


After evaluating and dreaming we create a plan and put that plan into action.  We will design a path forward unique to your needs and goals. There will be some trial and error but we will approach each challenge as a team. This is where we push our sleeves up and get down to work.