Benefits of Coaching

What would I get out of having a coach?

There are many benefits to hiring a personal life coach: support, achieving goals, lifting burdens, changing habits, moving forward. and giving yourself time to think. When you hire a coach you are telling yourself you are worth the investment. That alone can change the way you look at the world and your place in it.

Who hires a coach?

People who hire personal coaches care for themselves and their wellbeing as well as those around them. From CEOs of multinational corporations to movie stars to stay at home parents, any and all hire personal coaches. A personal coach is not a sign that you are unable to cope it is a sign that you are clever enough to get the support you need. People who hire a personal trainer are not considered weak; it is held up as a sign of toughness to have the support you need to achieve your physical goals. You are willing to put in the work, right? Well this is the same thing; you are willing to put in the work to get stronger mentally and emotionally.

Thoughtful action

We create a safe space for you to explore your challenges. You have time to evaluate what your options are and use your coach as a sounding board for your ideas. With the support of a personal coach you have the ability to take a breath, literally, and thoughtfully approach the change in your life. You give yourself a chance to really think about your path forward. You don’t have to just react you can take thoughtful action in your life and in achieving your goals.

Someone in your corner

A personal coach is there to support you and give you tools to use as you face the challenges in your life. We are here to listen and let you know you have someone on your side. You are not alone in this.

The nudge you need

Much of the time you know the right path forward. It may not be easy but you know what to do. It is all too easy to talk ourselves out of doing the hard work involved in improving our life’s circumstance. The brain is tricky and will avoid working hard any chance it gets. When you have a personal coach there are two people keeping track of what is going on. With someone else listening and keeping track of what you want it is much more difficult to get tricked into avoiding the issue.


“Peggy is a crafty coach. I have lost count of the times I was thinking a problem’s solution lay in one direction and her insight opened me to a better possibility. All of my sessions with her have ended in joy and satisfaction. Any time I need an integrity tune-up Peggy is there with mischievous humor and a supportive open heart” 

– Jordan A.