About me

Grew up in the NW

I grew up in the pacific northwest. I rode horses through the woods throughout my childhood and went on to graduate from the University of Washington.

I have remained close to family and friends and truly love the weather here. I start to get twitchy if it hasn’t rained in too long.


Many journeys

After many different careers and volunteer opportunities I realized I had been doing the same thing in all positions: I worked to help others struggle less. I wanted to take any knowledge I had and share it with others to help them learn from my experiences. I wanted to save them any heartache I could. 

I have read a lot of books and learned a ton about myself and how my experiences created the tools I used to navigate the world. I really liked the idea of a job where the sole purpose was to help others find an easier way. So, I enrolled in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach training to learn how best to support others.

I like the Martha Beck method because it focuses on what you do have not what you are lacking. I took my life coach training and all my knowledge about ADHD and started helping people with ADHD. I am fiercely driven and passionate about helping ADHDers understand their strengths and learn to thrive.


I have been married to ADHD for nearly 30 years. I didn’t learn about ADHD until my daughter was about 8 years old. We were trying to figure out a way to parent her when my search happened upon ADHD. It all seemed to fit and made many behaviors make sense. 

After official diagnoses for both kids and my husband we decided to medicate. My husband called me at the end of week one “I am trying so hard not to be frustrated, but this has been the most productive week of my life! I wish I had known this years ago.”

Even before the official diagnosis I was in deep research mode. I wanted to know everything I could about ADHD so I could understand my family. I have been to lectures, read countless books, and then went on to get certified as an ADHD informed coach.