How a student’s life can unfold:

Middle & High school

Some ADHDers do ok in middle school and high school – they are bright kids and have figured out a way to get enough done to stay on track. Changing classes every hour helps keep them engaged and chances are they are bouncing between classes getting some of their energy and wiggles out.

Increased workload 

Some students moving up to middle school and high school have a hard time with the increased workload. The amount of homework, tracking different teacher’s expectations and need for good time management skills is too much. They fall behind or feel they are constantly scrambling to keep up and their stress levels go way up.


How to support 

Because of the increased demands on your student’s executive function in middle school and high school they will need more support. It can often feel like you are doing too much for them, or you fear they won’t learn the skills needed. Offering support to your child with ADHD is the best thing you can do. Their executive function is slower to develop and they need support longer than their peers.