How a student’s life can unfold:


Many kids can handle elementary school without issue. The girls in particular because much of their ADHD is internal rather than external and physical.

The wiggly boys will be challenged by the need to sit still and regulate their emotions and impulsivity. When your child is in elementary and ADHD seems to hinder their experience it is often the need to physically move that will help the most. Having a ball chair or standing instead of sitting can improve your child’s experience immensely. 


I often recommend that the school know that recess is a non-negotiable and must never be used as a “carrot” to entice your child to behave. They need that wiggle time and it should not be taken away.


On to junior high

Then they graduate to middle school and the saving grace of recess is no longer an option. Recess was the one thing that allowed your angel to get their energy out and prime their minds for learning.