Adulting with ADHD

You have probably seen course titles like this before, so what makes this one different? My aim is to help you understand what ADHD is and is not. Then work with you to determine what “flavor” your ADHD may be so we know what we are working with. Once we determine your flavor, we can be much more targeted when we take a look at where you want to go and what your options are for getting there. All that learning and investigating and navigating allows us to knit it all together to create a plan that is right for you. 

This is not one size fits, but rather it will be your plan.

We will discuss different strategies and why they work for some and not others. We discuss the brain science of ADHD and how that, in and of itself, can create challenges throughout your life.

We also discuss the kind of baggage that you have likely been saddled with by societal expectations in general. All the messages telling you to just try harder, you aren’t living up to your potential and if you really wanted to you could! Those messages are like the first domino tumbling down and when you zoom out you can see the patterns that have formed over the years.

It’s important to know that you are not broken; therefore you do not need fixing. What you need is a better understanding of ADHD and some ideas that will change your perspective so that your strengths can really shine.


Who is the course right for?

Adults who have, may believe you have, or love someone who has, ADHD and want to gain an understanding of some of the ‘Whys’ of ADHD and the ‘How Tos’ for moving forward.

You may have ADHD yourself, you may suspect you have ADHD and just want to find out more, maybe you were just diagnosed and aren’t sure what to do now. Or you love someone who fits any one of those scenarios, this course is for you.

People looking for tools to navigate this neurotypically biased world in the workplace, relationships or life in general.

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