Tools for Parenting ADHD

4 week course

You have probably seen course titles like this before, so what makes this one different?

As a parent and spouse of ADHDers I want to help you understand which behaviors are ADHD and which are not.

Because ADHD often coexists with other conditions such as learning differences it can be difficult to determine what the root cause of a particular behavior is. Does your child avoid homework because they are bored or do they have a learning difference like dyslexia? The behavior appears the same, avoiding homework, but the reason for the behavior is quite different and needs different tools or support in order to help your child excel.

We work together to determine what “flavor” your child’s ADHD may be and we know which behaviors are ADHD and which are not then we can start to plot a course. We determine where you want to go and what your options are for getting there. Now that we have done all that learning and investigating and navigating we knit it all together to create a plan that is right for you and your child. 

This is not one size fits, but rather a plan that will be your family’s plan.

We will discuss different strategies to try and allow time to experiment to find the right fit.

We discuss the kind of messages being aimed at your child by societal expectations and how to mitigate them with your own messaging to your child. We also explore what school means to you as the parent so we can determine what tools you may already have in your tool box.

It’s important to know that your child is not broken; therefore they do not need fixing. What is needed is a better understanding of ADHD and some ideas that will change your perspective so the supports you offer can allow your child’s strengths to really shine.

There will be 2 weekly 2 hour group coaching calls, to walk through each phase and ample time to discuss specifics of your situation. 

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