Hunter jumpers athletes have a big partner

elite cyclists push themselves as athletes

track racing takes a lot of concentration for the athletes

when you and your partner are in sync it all flows for both athletes

Equestrians are unique athletes because they have a living breathing partner with a mind of its own. Horses are extremely “in tune” with their rider so if you are sending jumbled signals, nervousness or fear your equine partner will ‘hear’ you loud and clear. If the horse is confused, senses fear or uncertainty it will likely take matters into its own hooves and take a course of action that  may not be what you want or need.

Be in tune

We are taught that horses can sense what we are feeling or thinking. Too many times the rider assumes this communication is a one way street. You need to communicate with your horse by sending them information as well as “listening” to what the horse is telling you. We will work together to get a deeper understanding of your body and how you too are as gifted as your horse at being in tune with your partner.

My big brother and me on Rusty

Equestrians hold a special place in my heart. I grew up in the northwest riding horses through the woods and on the beach. I am hugely aware of the special relationship between horse and  rider.

Regardless of your sport, if you are competing at a high level you need to have a strong mental game as well as be in top physical condition.

There may be mental habits you aren’t even aware of that are getting in your way. Or beliefs you hold as true that may not be supporting your efforts and goals. Where did these beliefs come from? Are they really true?  

How can you change the way you think about competition?

We will work together to get you across the finish line, over the fences, to the front of the peloton or on to the podium. Whatever your goals we can create tools to keep you at peak  mental performance in competition and life.


Often when faced with great pressure – the winning shot, at bat 3 balls 2 strikes with the game on the line, or the putt to win the tournament – your mind starts to work against you “Don’t miss the shot” “The whole team is counting on you” “Everyone is watching.”  “Catch the breakaway!” and so on. It is a clamor that can be deafening. How do you quiet that negative noise? Why are some athletes unflappable in any circumstance? Where do they get their mental toughness? We will work together to develop the tools to keep your mind clear and quiet so you can perform at your best.

Your body knows how to play the game. We need to train your mind to listen to the body and not the other way around.

Your body knows

When you have been “in the zone” it feels as if nothing can go wrong, you just know what to do and when to react. This is an example of the mind letting the body lead the way. The brain can be an excellent servant but all too often holds the position of master.  We will train the brain to be supportive and get mind and body to work together.