If you are here you probably have some idea what ADHD is. You know someone, parent
someone or are someone with this “disorder”(I hate that word).

ADHD is a different brain chemistry, generally low in dopamine, and a different brain wiring.
With this definition I am not seeing a disorder, are you? ADHD is different, that’s it. There is
nothing that needs fixing we just need to understand it better.

The situation is that you or your loved one, a differently wired person, are trying to fit into a
world created for and by neurotypicals. Of course, there are challenges.

This world wasn’t designed with you in mind is it any wonder that you keep bumping up against it?
So what does an ADHD coach actually do?

An ADHD coach will help you understand your different wiring. Understanding is the foundation
of patience, with yourself and others.

With understanding and patience, you will then have the bandwidth to conquer some of your biggest challenges. We work together to identify your strengths and how to let them shine. We reframe how you see your challenges for what they are: Your strengths misunderstood or not falling within the “norm”.

How a student’s life can unfold


Many kids can handle elementary school without issue. Then they graduate to middle school
and the saving grace of recess is no longer an option. Recess was the one thing that allowed
your angel to get their energy out and prime their minds for learning.
Middle school/high school

Some ADHDers do ok in middle school and high school – they are bright kids and have figured a
way to get enough done to stay on track. Changing classes every hour helps keep them engaged
and chances are they are bouncing between classes getting some of their energy and wiggles


Then many hit a wall in college. There is so much free time and not much structure to what you
need to do and when. You have to figure out how long an assignment will take or how much
time to set aside for studying. None of which is taught anywhere along the way.

What is a parent to do?

Free tip!

Here is the number one thing I believe makes the biggest impact. It is yours free of charge.

Regardless of age, the absolute best thing you can do is talk to your child about their different
wiring and explain to them that they are not broken. They will become the most resilient
creative people you have ever met if armed with the knowledge that they are accepted as they
are, full stop. No matter the grades, incomplete homework, or inability to sit still in class they
are loved unconditionally through and through. It may sound a bit hokey but it is true.
When you have a differently wired kid you need to arm them with the facts about how they are
different from most, and how they see a completely different world than the rest of us. The best
thing is being open and honest about how everyone moves differently in this world. And
that those differences are our strengths, not weaknesses.

ADHDers’ talents cannot be properly measured by the type of testing done in school.